The Fall Leadership Conference is perfect for all leaders within your organization with sessions on leadership, workforce, technology, strategy, compliance, advocacy, and clinical excellence. We expect this year’s conference to incorporate more interaction among attendees as well as speakers in sessions to further engage attendees’ learning and network development.

The conference opens this year with a dynamic speaker Matthew Mitchell as he discusses Leading Through Change. Additionally, Chick Herbert will present a general session that will you’re your team develop critical thinking skills by using The Power of Question-Centric Coaching. The conference ends this year with an optional BONUS session that features an Iowa Town Hall Conversation & Advocacy Workshop in conjunction with LeadingAge national to both provide an opportunity for all members to identify problems and suggest solutions and to gain tangible advocacy and communication strategies to create positive changes for their organizations and the people they serve.

Based upon membership feedback, this year’s conference will feature a track of sessions throughout the conference focused on leadership development and management training that is consistent with the Emerge Leadership Academy to provide these concepts to a broader audience of leaders, not all who are able to attend a year-long leadership academy experience. The sessions in this track will feature content from executive coaches, authors, and an attorney covering leadership development self-awareness, managing conflict, and HR pitfalls to avoid. These should be excellent sessions to help support our new leaders and managers who often find themselves in the roles not because of the management skills, but rather because they were good at their job providing the service in that department.

Additionally, there will be sessions on strategic planning, emergency preparedness, drug diversion, Requirement of Participation (RoPs), emerging trends in technology and social accountability. We expect it to be an excellent conference!

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