Extension of Provider Relief Deadline for Private Pay Only AL and Nursing Homes

Regulation | September 16, 2020 | by Nicole Fallon

The deadline for private pay-only licensed assisted living providers and nursing homes to apply for Provider Relief Funds has been extended to Monday, Sept. 21 by close of business day (typically, this has meant 11:59 p ET).

These private-pay only providers are encouraged to apply as soon as possible through the Provider Relief Fund Application and Attestation Portal and not wait until Sept. 21. The first step that must be completed before the Sept. 21 deadline is to have your organization’s Tax Identification Number (TIN) validated. Some folks have run into a challenge because they don’t have an NPI number. If this situation applies to you, just type “not applicable” in that field. Upon validation, HHS will send you a DocuSign form to finish the application process by submitting financial information. This may happen after the deadline but that does not mean that you are no longer eligible. 

The following resources may be of help as you complete the various steps in the application process: 

  • The provider page of the CARES Act Provider Relief Fund site. If you scroll down a little ways there are six steps listed with + signs next to them. “Apply for Funding” has a number of resources including a webinar on the application process, which I think can be useful for some of the application fields, and the application instructions.
  • HHS FAQs which can answer questions about the payments, the application process and eligibility. Once open, if you click on “Phase 2” in the document it will take you to the relevant items for this application process.
  • There is also a Provider Support Line (1-866-569-3522) if you really get stuck or wish to check the status of your application.
  • You can also contact a Nicole Fallon at LeadingAge with questions.

Providers who accept Provider Relief Funds made available through this Phase 2 General Distribution will have to attest to these Terms & Conditions within 90 days of receiving the payment. Members may want to review prior to pursuing the application to make sure they are able and willing to comply. 

As a reminder, if you provided TIN information to the Trade Association Portal or Nicole Fallon at LeadingAge directly, you still need to apply through this HHS portal. If you did not provide TIN information previously, you are still eligible to apply through this process now. It just may take a little longer to validate your TIN.