New Key Deadlines for Phase 2 Provider Relief Fund Applications

Regulation | September 18, 2020 | by Nicole Fallon

HHS updated its FAQs  on September 17 establishing two new deadlines for all providers who've had their Tax Identification Numbers validated for a Phase 2 General Distribution. DocuSign applications must be initated by Monday, September 21 and submitted by Monday, September 28.

Applications not submitted by Sept. 28 will be voided. It is not clear what wil happen if a private pay assisted living or nursing home provider has not had its TIN validated by the Sept. 28 deadline, which may pose a problem for those who submitted their TINs near their extended Sept. 21 deadline. 

On a related note, some private pay assisted living and nursing home members who have contacted the Provider Support Line seeking assistance have been told that the deadline to apply has passed. HHS confirmed for LeadingAge today that applications for these specific providers are still permitted through end of day Monday, September 21.   Also, members should make sure that they double check their TIN for typos and that the name and address for the TIN matches what is on their W-9 information. Some members are getting kicked out because what they submit does not match their IRS records.