Visitation During COVID-19

As CMS updated visitation guidance for nursing homes, LeadingAge collaborated with Pathway Health on a Visitation During COVID-19 Toolkit for members. The 10 segment toolkit helps an organization navigate visitation guidance through a leader's guide, implementation checklists, competency tools for managers and all staff as well as a pre and post-test for all staff.  The toolkit can be modified or edited to your organization’s needs. The elements of the toolkit also may be used by various providers and service lines in the continuum of care.

  1. Visitation General Information
  2. Visitation Leaders Guide
  3. Visitation Implementation Checklist
  4. Resident and Guest Visitation during COVID 19 Policy and Procedure
  5. Resident Visitation Competency Checklist Tool  All Staff 
  6. Resident Visitation Competency Tool  Leadership and Managment
  7. Training Plan Resident Visitation during COVID
  8. Post Test Resident Visitation during COVID19
  9. Post Test Key Resident Visitation during COVID-19
  10. Visitation COVID 19 Training