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Education Sessions

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Sunday, October 28, 2018
8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
175-P. Ageism Deep Dive Ageism as an Essential Core Competency for Workforce Training
176-P. Governance Deep Dive Using Scenarios To Guide Future Planning
177-P. Philanthropy Deep Dive Transformative Change Through Philanthropy
178-P. Life Plan at Home Deep Dive Expanding Mission, Market and Revenue
179-P. Hospice Deep Dive Advanced Principles of Hospice Management
3:30 - 5:00 p.m.
1-A. Leveraging Leadership and IT To Mitigate the Impact of Natural Disasters
2-A. From Paper Charts to Electronic Records: Legal Considerations
16-A. Expanding Into Home Health and Hospice
17-A. The Payer-Provider Equation: What It Means To Be an ISNP
18-A. Staying True to Your Faith-Based Mission in a Changing Environment
36-A. Wellness Coaching: The Power of Narrative Exploration
37-A. Fall Prevention: Thinking Outside the Box
52-A. The Intersection of Technology and Dementia
53-A. Partnering With People Living With Dementia: Empowering Change
68-A. Thriving in the City: Successful Models for Urban Living
69-A. Data Mining To Ignite the Sales Process
86-A. The Critical Triad for a Successful Antibiotic Stewardship Program
87-A. Anatomy of a Life Plan at Home Program: A Member’s Perspective
88-A. Nursing Home Quality and Data Outcomes
107-A. Legal Perspectives on Provider Operational Issues
108-A. Confronting Mental Health Needs in Aging Services
128-A. Designing Affordable Senior Housing: A Charrette Process
129-A. Learning From an Assisted Living/Memory Care Expansion - CANCELLED
130-A. Creating Environments That Enrich Life
145-A. Executive Transitions: Replacing a 34-Year Tenured CEO
146-A. Creating a Multiyear Diversity and Equity Plan
147-A. Building, Growing and Sustaining a Culture of Learning
Monday, October 29, 2018
8:00 - 9:30 a.m.
3-B. Health Information Exchange: Improving Care Planning and Coordination
4-B. Virtual Reality Programming: A Pilot Application
19-B. Urban Development: Strategies for Growth
21-B. Mixed-Income Communities: Serving Financially Diverse Older Adults
38-B. Lives Well Lived
39-B. Parkinson's Program of Excellence
54-B. Developing a Person-Directed Workforce
55-B. Compass Club: Creating a Mobile Social Adult Day Program
70-B. Increasing Admissions Through Digital Integration
71-B. Crisis Response: Communicating Under Pressure
89-B. Embedded Pharmacist Model To Optimize Medication Management
90-B. Collaborating on Innovative Solutions to Employee Health Benefits
109-B. Housing Policy Forum
110-B. Preparing for the Patient-Driven Payment Model
111-B. Trauma-Informed Care: Practical Implications
131-B. Design Strategies for Big Living in Small Spaces
132-B. Blue Design and Biophilia: Imperatives for Health and Vitality
148-B. Understanding the Inner Complexities of Executive Transitions
149-B. Innovative Recruitment and Retention Solutions
8:00 - 11:30 a.m.
170-T. Abramson Center for Jewish Life
171-T. Granite Farms Estates
10:00 - 11:30 a.m.
5-C. Virtual Programming for Creative Aging
22-C. A Tale of Two Repositionings
23-C. Leveraging Relationships for Fundraising Success
24-C. Alternative Financing Strategies for Housing-Based Services Models
40-C. Launching Palliative Care on Your Campus
41-C. Stopping the Boomerang of Rehospitalization
56-C. Promoting Residents’ Creativity
57-C. Assessing Dementia Best Practices
72-C. Market Feasibility Disrupted: Rethinking Industry Norms
73-C. Growing HCBS Through Strategic Sales and Marketing
91-C. A Dining Revolution: Meeting the Needs of the NextGen Consumer
92-C. Perfecting Patient Care: A Process Improvement Program
93-C. Using Satisfaction as a Building Block for Resident Engagement
112-C. Being an Advocacy Champion in Your Community
113-C. Steps on the Integration Journey
114-C. Taming Legal, Compliance and Accounting Challenges
133-C. Effective Master Planning When Time Is Not on Your Side
134-C. Universal Design and Accessible Housing
150-C. Race, Class and Culture in Aging Services
151-C. Staying Power: Improving Staff Retention
2:00 - 5:00 p.m.
172-T. St. John Neumann I & II
3:30 - 5:00 p.m.
7-D. Integrating Engagement Technology Into Palliative Care
8-D. The Intelligent EHR: Improve the Cost and Quality of Care
25-D. Leveraging Your Assets To Expand Affordable Housing
26-D. Sophistication in Collaboration: Joint Ventures and Partnerships
27-D. Capital Campaign Best Practices
42-D. Restorative Sleep: Improving Resident Sleep/Wake Experiences
43-D. Promoting Resident Empowerment
58-D. Recommended Dementia Care Practices for Health Care Professionals
59-D. Using Montessori Principles for Staff Engagement
74-D. Busting Boomer Myths To Attract the Next Generation
75-D. Preparing for an Unforeseen Crisis: Will You Be Ready?
94-D. Seniors Quality Leap Initiative: Using Data To Drive Improvement
95-D. Facilities Services Benchmarking: Know Where You Stand
96-D. Home for Life: Enhanced Service Coordination in the Community
115-D. LTSS Financing: Are You Having the Conversation?
116-D. Fair Housing at 50
117-D. Elder Abuse in the LGBT Aging Community
135-D. Designing Outdoor Spaces: Combining Wellness and Nature
136-D. Design for Aging: An In-Depth Look at Award-of-Merit Projects
152-D. Nurturing the Untapped Leadership Potential in Your Organization
153-D. Strategic Decision Making: Engaging Stakeholders
154-D. Creating Career Paths for Nursing and Home Health Workers
Tuesday, October 30, 2018
8:00 - 9:30 a.m.
9-E. Social Connectivity: Enhancing Wellness Through Technology
10-E. The Next-Generation Technology Executive
28-E. Donor Centric Philanthropy: A Framework for Effective Fundraising
29-E. Senior Living Acquisitions and Financing Strategies
44-E. Community Outreach: Resident Mentoring Programs
45-E. Person-Centered Care for LGBT Older Adults
60-E. Adopting a Dementia-Capable Palliative Program
61-E. Integration vs. Memory Care Neighborhoods: An Expert Debate
76-E. Turning Your Stories Into Brand Gold
77-E. Maximizing Your Revenue: Pricing, Contract Structure and More
78-E. Getting Started With Marketing Automation Tools
97-E. Operationalizing Home Health
98-E. HUD Management Update
99-E. Ethical Decision Making in Aging Services
118-E. Health Policy Forum
119-E. The Legal Implications of Workplace Harassment
120-E. Avoiding Liability Associated With Emergency Situations
137-E. Supporting Health and Wellbeing in the Built Environment
138-E. Senior Living Design: Learning From Other Industries
155-E. Insights From New CEOs: Preparing for the Future
156-E. Strategic Planning Board Retreats: The Fundamentals
157-E. Internal Customer Service: Roll Out the Red Carpet for Staff
2:00 - 5:00 p.m.
167-I. CEMO Leadership Forum
173-T. Waverly Heights
174-T. Jackson Place
3:30 - 5:00 p.m.
11-F. Antibiotic Stewardship: The Role of Nursing Home Providers
12-F. Safety Technology: Provider Case Studies
30-F. Provider Networks: Driving Outcomes for Managed Care
31-F. Strategic Restructuring in Times of Uncertainty
46-F. A Comprehensive Brain Fitness Program
47-F. Spiritual Wellbeing: Exploring a Meaningful Life
62-F. Optimize Living Well With Dementia
63-F. Moving Memories: A Sensory Approach to Dementia Care
79-F. Creating and Implementing a Social Media Strategy
80-F. Behind the Curtain: What Prospects Want
100-F. Lessons From Hurricane Harvey
101-F. Understanding REAC and UPCS Inspection Protocols
121-F. Protecting Older Adults From Financial Exploitation
122-F. HCBS Policy Forum
123-F. FLSA and OSHA Compliance
139-F. Senior Living Development: Leveraging Community Connections
140-F. Using Interactive 3D Virtual Design To Guide the Development Process
158-F. Directors of Nursing Roundtable
159-F. Generation Z: A Changing Aging Services Workforce
160-F. Cultural Transformation: From Indifference to Engagement
Wednesday, October 31, 2018
8:00 - 9:30 a.m.
13-G. The Impact of Technology on the Resident Experience
14-G. Provider-Payer Convergence and the Role of Technology
32-G. Extending Housing and Services to the Middle Market
33-G. Strategic Evolution: A Journey to Renewed Relevance and Impact
48-G. Behavioral Health Therapy for Seniors and Caregivers
49-G. Becoming an Age-Friendly Community: Barriers and Opportunities
64-G. Dementia and Fall Risk Management: An Interprofessional Approach
65-G. Care Partner and Environmental Supports for Exceptional Dementia Care
81-G. Journey Mapping the Customer Experience
82-G. Market Trends Impacting Senior Housing and Skilled Nursing
102-G. Enhancing Quality Measures in Transitional Care
103-G. RAD Preservation Opportunities for Post-1990 Section 202 Properties
124-G. Hospice Audit Activity and How To Avoid It
125-G. An Overview of RoPs Phase 3
141-G. Designing a New Community Experience: 25 Years Later
142-G. Integrating Senior Living Into Urban Environments
161-G. The Power of a Leader’s Energy
162-G. Finding and Keeping Frontline Caregivers in HCBS
163-G. Building Culture: Approaching Human Resources from a System Perspective
11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
15-H. Cyber Threats: How To Manage Technology Risk
34-H. Realizing Legacy Through Planned Giving
35-H. Preparing, Structuring and Executing for Growth
50-H. Preferences for Everyday Living: A Person-Centered Approach
51-H. Technology-Enhanced Art Experiences for Older Adults
66-H. A Comprehensive Counseling Program for People with Dementia and Caregivers
67-H. Supporting Dementia-Inclusive Settings
83-H. Embracing Change With Creativity and Innovation
84-H. Sales and Marketing From the C-Suite Perspective
85-H. Combining Social Media and Content Marketing To Drive Engagement Online
104-H. Mitigating NIMBYism in Affordable Housing
105-H. Medicare Advantage and Special Needs Plans: What Can Providers Do?
106-H. Connecting Provider to Home: Bridging the Gaps in Care
126-H. A Compliance Tale: The Journey From Citation to IDR
127-H. Tax Reform: What It Means for Your Organization’s Financing Needs
143-H. Designing for the Rest of Us
144-H. Designing for Culture Change: A Case Study
164-H. Jump Starting Innovation in Aging Services
165-H. Fostering an Employee-Centered Workplace
166-H. The Best Practices Approach to Leadership Development