CAST Updates Safety Technology Selection Tool

CAST | March 18, 2020 | by Donna Childress

Four new products, updated information for 42 products, and a new case study are included.

CAST has updated its Safety Technology Selection Tool with four new products, updated product information, and a new case study. The tool helps aging services organizations to plan for, select, and implement the safety technology solutions that best fit their requirements.

Updated Product Information

This year’s tool includes a Product Matrix and Online Selection Tool with updated information for 42 safety products that serve the long-term and post-acute care (LTPAC) market. A list of functionalities and capabilities will help you choose the product that best fits your business line and functional requirements. It has 18 sections to help you narrow your choices.
These new products are listed: 

  • JNL Technologies Quantum: Advanced monitoring solutions including wander management, access control, nurse call, and mobile alert management.
  • Philips Cares for Senior Living/CarePoint: A data-driven, enterprise-wide system for improved management, safer resident care. Philips is a LeadingAge CAST Supporter.
  • Tango Belt: A hip protection wearable that improves safety and mobility.
  • Theora Care: A complete line of remote monitoring technologies that keeps families connected.

New Case Study

The new case study, "Improving Staff Communication and Response Time through Mobile Technology," explains how Covia improved outcomes by integrating technology with a resident safety system.
LeadingAge Provider Member Covia, which owns and operates six Life Plan Communities in California, sought to improve staff communication and response times. Covia selected the Vocera Platform to enable Wi-Fi communication and replace a fragmented system by integrating with the resident safety system in place throughout six of its multi-level senior living communities. 

The Vocera Platform’s clinical communication and workflow solutions let caregivers text securely with smartphones or make voice calls hands-free with the wearable Vocera Badge. Alarms and alerts now go directly to the right staff member’s Vocera Badge or app.

Covia has seen an improvement in routine staff communication; it’s easier to coordinate activities, get information, or summon assistance. With Vocera, team members can locate each other no matter where they are or what they’re doing, from one end of the campus to the other. Covia is now providing a level of service more often associated with the hospitality industry. 
In addition, the integration of Vocera technology with Covia’s life-safety system is very similar to having a dedicated community 911 center. Outcomes include reduced response time; increased resident, staff, and family safety and satisfaction; and increased peace of mind.

CAST Technology Selection Tools

CAST offers eight CAST Technology Selection Tools, each a portfolio of hands-on resources. Each portfolio includes a whitepaper, selection matrix, online selection tool and provider case studies. All help you to understand, plan for, select, implement, and adopt the appropriate technology while advocating for innovative care models. The eight tools cover a wide range of needs: