Tech Can Bring More Sales and Engage Waitlisted Residents

CAST | July 20, 2020 | by Donna Childress

A digital engagement platform offers a sense of community to improve conversions and lets waitlisted residents start making new friends.

Senior living facilities often face challenges in engaging waitlisted residents and in generating interest from website leads. Fahad Aziz, co-founder and chief technology officer at CAST Supporter Caremerge, wrote a recent guest column in McKnight’s Senior Living that explains how technology can solve both challenges. Aziz also is the technology innovation keynote speaker at this year’s Collaborative Care Health IT Summit, to be held virtually Sept. 15-17, 2020.
In "How technology can boost waitlist engagement and conversion in senior living," Aziz shared the ways in which tech can improve both issues. "Now that the COVID-19 pandemic has put a temporary hold on tours and visits in many areas, tech solutions can give prospective residents a real feel for a community even when they aren’t able to see it in person," he wrote.

Giving a Sense of the Community

Tours and marketing materials cannot convey what it is like to live in a community. Yet a digital platform can. With one, communities can leverage their lifestyle in the sales process. Prospects can see the community's calendars, programming, and news in real time and gain a sense of life in the community. In that way, the digital engagement platform can be a key tool in helping the prospect make a decision.

Engaging Waitlisted Residents

Another challenge is that residents who are waitlisted experience a lag time before they can move in. During that period, they usually do not meet any current residents. This situation leads to a sense of isolation, which restrictions on visits due to COVID-19 has only intensified.
A digital engagement platform can connect waiting residents and current residents so that they can begin to form relationships. Friendship Village Senior Living in Kalamazoo, MI, is doing just that and is seeing increased cconversion rates. Friendship Village recently rolled out the Caremerge Community Engagement platform, which includes a web, iOS, and Android app, along with voice capabilities for residents.
A recent CAST case study, "Improving Resident Independence and Satisfaction through Smart Voice Technology", tells more about this technology. Read a summary or download the full case study.

CAST Tool Helps You Choose the Best Solution for You

In these ways, senior living facilities can use technology to differentiate their communities and attract future residents. Ready to bring these technologies into your facility? Check out the CAST Social Connectedness and Engagement Technology Selection Tool, which helps you identify and choose the best tech solution for your organization. It includes a white paper, interactive guide, selection tool, selection matrix, and provider case studies to help you learn about and narrow the available options.