Housing Providers Urged to Complete Pharmacy Partnership Form by Nov. 6 Deadline

Regulation | October 28, 2020 | by Linda Couch

Q & A on Housing Providers and the vaccine distribution Pharmacy Partnership

What is this?

On October 16, the CDC announced the “Pharmacy Partnership for Long-Term Care Program for COVID-19 Vaccination.”

What is the Pharmacy Partnership offering, if we do ever get it?

The Pharmacy Partnership for Long-term Care (LTC) Program, in partnership with CVS and Walgreen’s, provides end-to-end management of the COVID-19 vaccination process, including cold chain management, and on-site vaccinations.

What should I do by November 6?

You should fill out a very simple form, the REDCap form, to get your community/ies into the Pharmacy Partnership’s database. The CDC's deadline for filling out the form is November 6.

Is the Pharmacy Partnership really going to help affordable senior housing providers?

Maybe. The Pharmacy Partnership has some clear priorities for vaccine distribution: health care workers, nursing homes, assisted living, and continuing care retirement communities.

As more vaccines become available, federal, state, and local officials will continue to make distribution decisions.

All is dependent on the amount of viable vaccines stockpiled and decisions of federal, state, local officials when it’s time to distribute vaccines.

The availability of vaccines will constantly change, and then the distribution plans and decisions will constantly change. With the inclusion of affordable senior housing on the list of provider types within the REDCap form, at least decision-makers will see there is affordable senior housing in the state / area in need of end-to-end vaccine distribution. This may increase the chances of housing communities being a part of the earliest (after nursing homes, assisted living, and continuing care retirement communities) distribution possible.

What if states have different priorities than the CDC for vaccine distribution?

States will be able to set their own priorities.

Am I promising to take part in this Pharmacy Partnership if I fill out the form?

No. You are simply “raising your hand” to let officials know you exist and are interested. Nor is filling out this form a guarantee the vaccine will be provided to your community, but it will put you on the radar of vaccine distribution decision-makers.

I looked the other day and “HUD AFFORDABLE SENIOR HOUSING” was not on the REDCap form’s list of provider types, but now it is. What changed?

LeadingAge has successfully made case to CDC that affordable senior housing residents have chronic health conditions and frailty rates such that these providers need their own category to best inform federal, state, and local decision-makers when vaccines are ready for distribution. The list of providers was changed on October 27 to include HUD AFFORDABLE SENIOR HOUSING due to LeadingAge advocacy.

What if I have a Low Income Housing Tax Credit Community?

Choose “HUD AFFORDABLE SENIOR HOUSING” as your facility type if you are a HUD-, USDA, or Low Income Housing Tax Credit community.

I filled out the form before and chose the closest category at the time, INDEPENDENT LIVING. What should I do now?

If you have already filled the form out and chose “INDEPENDENT LIVING,” that is fine.

My organization has a lot of affordable senior housing communities, do I need to fill out the form for each one?

No. If your organization has 10 or more communities, you can use the “Bulk Entry Template” on the REDCap form.

The REDCap form asks for a number of “beds.” What should I do?

Here, input number of residents.

Am I done with vaccine distribution planning once I fill out the REDCap form?

No, far from it. There is no guarantee filling out this form will result in receipt of the vaccine at your community. You must keep abreast of news on vaccine distribution plans and how your community can participate in those.

LeadingAge will continue to advocate with CDC and we need you to advocate at the state level for the prioritization of older adults and employees across the range of settings. No provider type (except nursing homes and assisted living) should assume they are all set to receive the vaccine if they sign up per the directions in this email. The supply chain will dictate the CDC’s response, and providers must continue to advocate for themselves.

Where can I find out additional information?

Review the Program Overview and FAQ provided by CDC for more information on the partnership HHS has entered into with CVS and Walgreen’s.

What’s the deadline again?

November 6 is the deadline for filling out the REDCap form.