Turnover Cost Calculator

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Need help in figuring out the cost of your turnover? Try this easy-to- use tool below.

Workforce Cost Calculator

Use this calculator to figure out the cost of your turnover -- download and do in Excel.

Helpful Background Information:

  • Rule of thumb: the cost of replacing any employee is 25% of the salary amount.
  • The average turnover for home care agency staff is between 40-60%.
  • The average turnover in nursing homes for certified nursing assistants is between 40-70%.
  • The minimum direct cost of replacing a direct care worker is individual to each organization, but includes exit interviews, the use of temporary staff, training, etc., and, at a minimum, is $2,500.
  • Indirect costs are individual to each organization, but include loss of productivity, lost clients, etc. The minimum amount is $2,000.  
  • Total direct and indirect costs equal about $4,500.
  • Example: An organization that averages 40 terminations per year is spending at least $180,000 (40 x $4,500= $180,000).

For more information, please see "The Business Case for Investing in Staff Retention:  Can you afford not to?